They let us bring it home!

They let us bring it home!

Welcome to our virtual homes! We're upfitting our 2014 Dodge Promaster van, and this is our blog about that DIY conversion.

Here we chronicle our work. We detail choices made and actions performed at each step. When researching vans and upfitting options before buying, we were often overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. We are also psyched by the challenge!

We hope this blog helps others at all phases of the process. Also, we hope others who have done this before share their experiences too!

By day, Andrea is a photographer and Brian directs supply-chain logistics for a major retailer. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work on the van nights and weekends, and so progress may come in fits and starts. Stick with us so we will stick with it!

Why 12foot4? It's our combined height, and it's (roughly) the length of the van.